Eight tips for a better sleep!

Those of us who have trouble falling asleep at night are no strangers to tossing and turning, counting sheep, staring at the ceiling and watching time crawl by. Getting the right amount of rest at night is necessary for us to function. We need to let our bodies re-set, and properly doing so helps us keep up our overall health – mental and physical. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep at night, there are a number of natural ways that you can help your body relax, and even speed up the process of falling asleep.

Don’t Nap

Even if restless sleep makes you want to nap during the day, don’t. That nap may be just what’s keeping you from catching nightly Zs. Instead, take a walk or get some fresh air to reenergize until it’s bedtime.

Stay Active

Exercise isn’t the only way to expend energy; being active throughout the day, whether it’s running errands or talking on the phone while you take a walk, helps ensure that you’re sleepy when your head hits the pillow.

Establish an evening routine

Adhering to relaxing habits and falling asleep around the same time each night will condition your body to maintain a steady internal rhythm and more readily welcome sleep each night.

Take a bath

A warm bath or shower can help you relax and wind down after a chaotic day. I take one each night, and it’s my favourite part of the day. Try to do this right before bed! My brain begins its shutting-down process while I’m taking my bath, simply because it knows what comes next. Also, use a lavender essential oil—the scent is so soothing.

Drink Herbal Tea

Settling down with a mug of non-caffeinated tea can help you relax before bedtime. Up the sleep-inducing power by opting for herbs that have their own relaxing properties, like chamomile, mint, and valerian. My go-to is David’s Tea Mother’s Little Helper -so good!

Turn it all off

You already knew this one was coming, right? The noises and lights from your electronics will keep your brain alert when it should be winding down. Do not sleep next to your phone! (If you use it as an alarm clock, simply move it to the other side of your room.)

Breathing exercises

Deep breathing does great things for your brain and body. Focus on each slow inhale and exhale. And try this “4-7-8″ breathing exercise!

Change your pace

If you haven’t fallen asleep within 30 minutes of getting into bed for the night, you should get up. Try reading a book or walking around the house. Do not turn the TV on—electronics should stay off.

We’d love to hear your own experiences and techniques!

xo Kimberley


Change in season; change in skincare.

b7444c3e0c186330a06a955ddf640d1dYou have had a great summer, lived every moment to the fullest, from enjoying breakfast outdoors to enjoying some of the great summer festivals our province offers. Now your skin is looking like it needs a tune up to seasonally adjust to Autumn. Simple routines work best for me. Here is a four step routine to achieve glowing results for all skin types.

1. Cleanse with a cream based cleanser and massage it into your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Hydration is your #1 goal, once re-hydrated your skin will accept other products more readily. My personal fav is Indigena’s Rooibos Tea Cleanser.

2. Exfoliate, scrub and polish your skin to remove dull dead surface skin cells that cause you to look well…. not so good. We have a few, dry exfoliants that work very well by polishing almost all debris from the skin. Land and Sea Exfoliant, Blueberry Bliss Facial Masque and Sea Veggie Masque. If your skin needs more TLC try sugar based oil scrubs like our Blueberry Bliss or Bakeapple Bliss both will leave your skin silky smooth.

3. Serums please! Always follow your exfoliant with an oil serum, your skin will drink it up and it helps plump and replenish on a cellular level. Results – instantly  younger looking skin! We have two, Botanical Bliss, is light and refreshing for tweens, teens and those with more combination skin types. Emerald Serum is our second, it was Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.33.18 AMspecifically formulated for age prevention. It can be used on all skin types but for younger skin ~25 use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

4. Night treatments work even in the daytime! My favourite product of all time is Labrador Tea Night Cream. It is luxuriant, rich and brimming full of indigenous extracts we foraged the East Coast for. It has silk peptides as well that make the product feel light and fresh. I use it day and night. In the daytime the silk protein acts like a primer and at night your skin drinks up the lush northern botanicals so you wake up renewed and ready to face the day with confidence!

Xo Lisa

A Quick & Easy Evening Skincare Routine

1175662_10152014628653054_1181215248_nLooking after your skin after a hectic day shouldn’t feel like a task you would prefer to avoid. Here are a few easy tips to creating a routine that works for you.

1. Do not wait until bed time to cleanse and wash away the day. Its nice to cleanse early evening post dinner. It will re-vive you and your skin and in approximately 3 days you will notice a difference in the texture and smoothness. I use our Seaberry Soap when I want my skin to feel squeaky clean, I follow that with Rooibos Tea Cleanser, it does double duty as a make up remover and creamy cleanser.

2. Re-hydrate with liquid moisture, it is the fastest and easiest way to re-balance dehydrated skin no matter what the skin type and it prevents folliculitis (clogged irritated pores which often occur from shaving on the neck area). So for all you guys out there that need to prevent this here are 2 products that work. Land and Sea Healing Mist ( for problematic and aging skin) and Sea Mineral Mist ( all skin types ) Spritz on liberally and pat into the skin much like you would pat on aftershave. Yes ladies you need to do Lisathis too! … but tap into skin with the cushion tips of your fingers. Tapping this gently into the skin allows more product to absorb.

3. The last step in my daily routine is massaging my skin upwards and outwards or downwards with both the  Labrador Tea Night Cream and Botanical Bliss Facial Serum.

I find doing this early evening creates closure to the work day and its a little ritual you can do anywhere to instantly feel better.

Xo Lisa

Why use a serum?

Emerald SerumSerums mimic our own skin oils… if they have this ingredient – Jojoba.

Jojoba is a fatty ester that is closest in texture to our own skin’s lipids. As we age our skin loses density and texture. Our skin can lose up to 57% of its lipids as we age. Internal factors like menopause and external factors like the sun all contribute to your skin’s aging prematurely.

What are lipids? Lipids are the skin’s natural oils locked within and between cellular membranes. They hold the skin together and are the pathways of communication between cells. Pretty important jobs if you ask me!

Using targeted oils that promote cellular communication and enhance density and cohesion of the cellular structure in the skin’s layers can increase cellular hydration. We recommend using Indigena’s Emerald Serum, it has rare essential oils and its base is jojoba and rosehip. It deeply nourishes the skin, massage in for 2 to 3 minutes prior to bedtime for best results at night and before your moisturizer in the morning.IMG_3325

Seasonal Skincare: Autumn

Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and with the change of season comes a change in skincare needs. The heat, sun, and chlorinated pools combined with the lazy days of summer (with a less-than-attentive skin routine) require a serious skin pick-me-up. If your skin starts feeling drier, flaky, or itchy during the colder months, the dry air, both inside and out, are probably to blame.

Here is our guide to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy when weather takes a toll.

Banish breakouts.

The best way to manage post-summer breakouts is to incorporate a mask or serum into your current skin care regimen. Used several times a week, you’ll give your skin some extra needed moisture without the need to completely change out all your skincare products from summer.

Take care of your lips.

Flaky, chapped lips are more common at this time of year and may require some extra TLC.

Indigena_22_12_2013-10Remove dry, dead skin cells with a gentle lip exfoliant and follow up with a hydrating lip balm for super smooth lips.

Re-assess your skincare routine.

Ultimately, you should always protect your skin and supply it with beneficial ingredients to keep it healthy year-round. However, it’s also imperative to assess your skin on a regular basis to determine what effect the change of weather brings, and then adapt your skin-care routine as needed.

We’d love to know: What products are you introducing into your fall skincare routine?

xo Hayleigh

Retailer Profile: Meryl Cook Homeopathy & Bowen

Meryl Cook is a Homeopath and Bowen practitioner in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Meryl was the first retailer of Indigena products in Nova Scotia.  Meryl has an online shop www.merylcook.ca/shop as well as a retail location. In her spare time Meryl loves to run, cycle, hook rugs, explore, color and take motorcycle trips.

What is one thing that we would be surprised to learn about your business?

You might be surprised to learn that I am in my 20th year of business.  I started my business as a Bowen therapist and then studied homeopathy.  In the past two years I have been expanding my business beyond the one to one service model by starting an online shop and becoming an importer and Canadian distributor for a line of topical homeopathic creams.

 What is your favourite Indigena Product?

My absolute favourite Indigena Product is the Emerald Serum.  I apply it every morning after cleansing and toning and before applying my Labrador Tea Night Cream.  I love how it makes my skin feel smooth and moist, and how it helps the moisturizer to spread so beautifully.  I love that it is full of anti-oxidants which help to protect my skin from sun damage.

What made you choose to carry Indigena?

Indigena products are the perfect fit for my business, as I work with women (and men) to help them feel pain free, healthy and vibrant. Most patients who come to see me understand that cleaning up their health also includes using clean and healthy products for skin and body care. Often I am asked to recommend skin care products that are consistent with my motto “never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat”, as your skin is your largest organ and absorbs what we put on it into your whole system.Many ‘natural’ skin care lines contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, and petrochemical products. As well, often they contain medicinal essential oils that can anti-dote or interfere with homeopathic remedies.

Late in 2014 I discovered Indigena skin care from Newfoundland and fell in love with their products. Indigena products contain only healthy ingredients, no added water and many contain indigenous plant products from Newfoundland and Labrador. How lovely is that?

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DIY: Facial


  1. Cleansing: Apply a cleanser with fingertips and work into the skin gently.
  2. Steaming: Apply a warm facecloth to the face to soften the skin and relax pores. Do not use water that is to hot, this can cause damage to the skin.
  3. Mask: Apply a mask to the face, avoid eye area and leave on skin for 10-15mins. When choosing a mask it is always a good idea to get professional advice. Any of our retailers that offer Indigena Spa Services are trained and can help you chose a mask to suit your needs.
  4. Mist: After wiping mask off with a warm facecloth apply a mist to the skin to help replenish skin.
  5. Moisturize: Gently massage moisturizer of your choice to your skin and allow to sink into pores.Maintenance is key with keeping skin clear. A combination of at-home treatments and professional treatments work best!

    Xo Hayleigh