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Tell us about yourself! 

I am a 3rd year Pharmacy student living in St. John’s. I held the title of MT Newfoundland and Labrador 2014 where I first learned about Indigena and was quite impressed!

What’s in your Indigena Stash?

I use the Aurora Travel Kit that includes Smooch Lip Balm, Rooibos Tea Cleanser, Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, Sea Veggie Face Masque and the Labrador Tea Crème. I also carry the Land & Sea Healing Mist, and the Multi Purpose Moisturizer in my purse!

What do you like about these products?

The Travel Kit comes in a conveniently sized case which makes it perfect to keep all the products in one place. The lip balm prevents my lips from becoming scaly during the winter and is not strongly scented-a plus point for me! The blueberry sugar scrub definitely makes the face smooth immediately after using it without being harsh on my sensitive skin. On days my face feels oily, the sea veggie masque, a well textured paste, leaves my face and pores feeling tight and lifted! The mist toner is light and smells beautiful. Nothing has caused breakouts for me!

What does your daily beauty routine entail?

I start off by washing my face with warm water and using the Rooibos tea cleanser then patting my face dry. Every 3 days I will use the blueberry sugar scrub. Before applying my makeup, I use the multi-purpose moisturizer which helps prevent flaking during the day. I finish off by spraying the Land and Sea Healing Mist to keep my makeup looking fresh! At bedtime, I put on the lip balm.

Does your beauty routine vary season to season?

In the winter, I tend to use more moisturizers and in the summer I lean towards mists and less layering of cream. But I use all these products year long!

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Do you have a star product you can’t live without?

The blueberry sugar scrub! My skin feels smoother with fast results.

What is your desert island product you cannot live without?

The Land & Sea Healing Mist! I am a daily makeup wearer and it can be difficult to maintain fresh skin during the day. This has been a great recent find!

If you’d like to be featured in this series send an email to hayleigh@indigenaskincare.com
xo Hayleigh



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