The beautiful Britney works at Ever After Bridal Studio and works closely with the Indigena Team to make sure they have a full stock all the time. Once Britney tried the products she was hooked..Read what she had to say below!12800322_10153479745103157_9043002120663509389_n

Tell us about yourself!
Im a bridal stylist at Ever After Bridal Boutique! I have a pet pig named Sadie and a wonderful husband. We live in beautiful CBS! (follow @sadiethepig on instagram)

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.56.43 PM.png

What’s in your Indigena Stash?
My stash includes, bikini babe butter, blueberry bliss sugar scrub, bikini babe bath
, sea berry soap, sea veggie facial lotion, rooibos tea cleanser, Labrador tea night creme, sea veggie face masque, blueberry bliss face masque, land & sea healing mist, FullSizeRenderbotanical bliss facial serum,
partridgeberry lip balm and blissful lip balm. (I’m kinda addicted)

What do you like about these products?
The fact that I know there are no chemicals going on my face or into my body, that is one big factor. I love that it’s locally made here in Newfoundland. Ever since I started using Indigena my acne has improved so much and my oily skin is finally gone!

What does your daily beauty routine entail?
I start my day by washing my face with lukewarm water and doing a small roobios tea cleanse, then I moisturize for the day with my sea veggie facial lotion. The real magic happens when I do my bedtime routine. I start again with my rooibos tea cleanser (the best thing I’ve found for removing my makeup) then about twice a week I do a blueberry bliss face scrub! After I remove my makeup I use my botanical bliss serum and then to moisturize for the night I use Labrador tea night cream!!

I also love taking baths, so that’s when I soak in my bikini babe crystals! My skin is so soft when I get out! It’s the best.

 Does your beauty routine vary season to season?
Not really. I just have to moisturize more in the winter!

 Do you have a star product you can’t live without?
My whole stash!! Ha-ha but my top things would have to be both my partridgeberry and blissful lip balms. I also love my rooibos cleanser and Labrador night cream!Partridgeberry Lipbalm_edit 2

 What is your desert island product you cannot live without?
I would have to say my Labrador night cream! It’s the most amazing product. It’s like putting a fresh field of flowers on your face!!



If you want to be featured on the blog just answer these questions and send them in an email to hayleigh@indigenaskincare.com. Don’t forget pictures (one of you and some of the products).

XO Hayleigh



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