Natural Lip Care Tips

Partridgeberry Lipbalm_edit 2.jpgThis is the time of year that our skin needs more hydration. The change of seasons is behind us and now the dryness in the air robs moisture from our skin. Your lips are most prone to dryness and chapping.

Here is Indigena’s routine for moisturizing your lips from maximum hydration.

  1. Use a sugar lip scrub a few times a week. Blueberry Bliss is our cult product but my go to as my skin is needing more brightening is Bakeapple Bliss
  2. Liberally apply lip balm at night, keep a balm by your bedside table and use nightly. This repairs and nourishes your lips while you sleep.
  3. Apply your skincare moisturizer over your lips as well. Our ingredients are food grade so no worries if you lick your lips. My favourite is Labrador Tea Night Creme.
  4. Our oil serums work wonders on the lips too. dab a little on your lips before adding lip balm in the morning.

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