Indigena’s oil based products fix skin problems :-)


Did you know that the pores in your skin can average 2500 per square inch? No wonder we have skin care problems! Breakouts occur once a pore becomes anaerobic (no oxygen). Keeping pores clear is the first defense against face and body acne and skin sensitivities. Pores need to breathe just like we inhale air your skin needs oxygen too to stay clear and healthy!

Fall and Winter can create more skin problems due to the change in humidity and the dryness of being indoors more, and water loss when cleansing (showering and bathing.

People generally think oils are not good for oily, combination skin or sensitive skin. The truth is oils help stabilize overproduction of oils in oily and combination skin and add much needed moisture to sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin does not produce enough natural oils to prevent immune reactions to the environment and products applied.

Here are several products that have been formulated for combatting breakouts and dryness of the skin. We are launching these products at Johnny Ruth Living Planet Monday November 21st from 3pm to 9pm.

Cloudberry Complexion Oil (clearing and calming for acne prone and sensitive skin)

This face & body oil can be used to moisturize after bathing, as a bath oil or as a massage medium.

Made with bake apple oil, (cloudberry) cucumber, watermelon, partridgeberry, rosehip, turmeric, walnut and jojoba oil this formula soothes acne prone skin, improves hydration and reduces redness. If you are prone to body acne or redness this product was made for you!



Sunrise and Sunset Duo Biphasic Serums ( for age prevention )

 These skin elixirs were formulated after 4.5 years of intense research and development to specifically treat the affects of premature aging. Securely encased in glass flacons with an aluminum sleeve and cap to prevent oxidation. These morning and night treatment look like a summer sunrise and autumn sunset. Their botanical energy is released once shaken and immediately applied to the skin.




Townie Beard Balm

For those discerning cultured men who appreciate grooming and detail. Made with mango butter, shea butter, blueberry seed oil, tsubaki oil to intensely hydrate even the most course hair and soften skin. A wonderful scent of coffee, vanilla and pink grapefruit essential oils that are warming and invigorating.The Balm  adds weight and structure to moustaches and beards that need a product to maintain the overall design of a man’s facial hair in between visiting your barber shop.



Aurora Borealé Primer Facial Serum

This serum oil is a blend of the most precious refined facial oils available globally. The blue green color of the serum comes from Blue Tansy, a floral oil that mimicks the northern lights and boreal forest hence the name. This oil clears and calms even the most sensitive skin and is a perfect priming serum prior to make up. Suitable for all skin types.


Introductory Price: $89.99





Happily Ever After: Indigena’s Guide to Bridesmaid Gifts

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.26.44 AM.png

After your bridesmaids are done showering you, it’s time to shower them with gifts! Your bridesmaids are there with you every step of the way – they plan the bridal shower, and bachelorette party, and stand by your side during the ceremony.

No matter how big or small your bridal party is, it’s important to get them a little something to show them how grateful you are for their support. Plus who doesn’t love presents?!

We’ve put together a list of some bridesmaids gift ideas that we LOVE and would gladly accept from our favorite brides. *HINT HINT*


  1. Glowing Skin

    This skincare set will leave your bridesmaids ready for the big day! It includes:
    -Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub to exfoliate before a spray tan.
    -Massage Melt to ensure your skin looks moisturized and smooth, not flaky and dry.
    -Sea Mineral Mist to keep your skin hydrated all day long & to cool you down a hot day.
    -Partridgeberry Lip Balm to keep your lips soft and smooth, smiling all day causes cracks!

    Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.48.36 AM.png

  2. Silk Monogrammed Robes

    How cute are these robe? The girls will want to wear them again and again. & they are PERFECT for wearing the morning of the wedding while getting ready. No worries on spoiling your hair when it’s time to change into your dress. Win-win!
  3. Personalized Wine Glassesil_570xN.978478718_lb1h

These wine glasses will certainly be a crowd favourite! Much more original then the typical
“Made of honour” or “Bridesmaid” glass. Ginta, owner of Pastinshs, works from images of both the bridesmaid dress and the girls themselves, to create these unique glasses.

4. Contribution to Bridesmaids Expenses

041416_7373_1024x1024Let’s be honest…it’s expensive to be a bridesmaid. From the shower gift to the bachelorette gift to the wedding gift to the…you get the idea! While your girls are honored just to be a part of your wedding, one gift we know every bridesmaid will sincerely appreciate is covering part of the cost. It could be part of the bridesmaid dress, hair and makeup for the big day, or even jewelry (may I suggest Whink?), is a perfect (and super easy) gift for your gals!  Even if you feel like you can only help out a little, it’s an easy way to let your girls say yes with a lot less stress!

5. Card
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.01.50 PM
No gift is complete without a card & nothing is more personal then a handwritten
thank-you . You can express your true thoughts and appreciation for your bridesmaids
on paper. But if you don’t have a way with words, try a cute poem, there are TONS online! This is from Johnny Ruth & Living Planet.

At the end of the day no matter what you gift the girls they will be thankful and feel appreciated. So relax, and enjoy whats left of the planning, before you know it will all be over! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.11.40 AM

xo Hayleigh

Happily Ever After: Indigena’s Tips for your big day!


Love is in the Air! June is one of the most romantic months & always a favourite month for us here at Indigena! This month we will be sharing some wedding tips from former brides, as well as our own tips, so stay tuned!

This wedding season is extra special for me personally as my cousin is getting married!! With an impending wedding on my mind  I thought I’d share some wedding tips for the bride and the groom so your pictures are awesome and you feel totally confident on your special day.


Spend a bit of alone time doing whatever relaxes you before the wedding. Go out on the proverbial limb and get a facial or massage with your Fiancé the week before. Nailed, Arendella Spa, Still Waters Massage & SpaThe Wash House Spa, StillWaters or The Doctor’s House  are among our favourites on the Island.
Let’s face it lovebirds your days are getting more stressful and its starting to show. Schedules leading up to the wedding are gruelling. You need some well deserved R&R for the big day! If you don’t want to go to a spa, you can always have a DIY night at home.


Pack a  “LifeSaver” kit for yourselves, the wedding party and parents.

Here are my suggestions:
-Water for each person, you don’t want anyone getting fatigued from dehydration. Try Pearl Springs or Iceberg Water.
Facial Blotting to help keep the shine away.
Land and Sea Healing Mist or Sea Mineral Mist to refresh your skin and keep it glowing.Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.47.08 AM.png
– Healthy snacks keep everyone happy not hangry, a Snickers works but how about some healthy choices? Have you tried the Made with Local bars? They are to die for!!
-Lip balm!!! Everyone gets dry chapped lips and smiling all day in the photos doesn’t help. Have a few lip balms on hand and your bridal party will thank you! If you want a more glossy finish try our reformulated Smooch Lip Balm, but if shine is not your style try our Partridgeberry Lip Balm.
– Add a small sewing kit, bandaids, stain remover, cozy footwear and some Advil!  It never hurts to be prepared! You never know what the day might have in store.


Just these little things say “I Love You” so intimately to the most important people in your lives. Enjoy your day, go make more memories and look and feel awesome doing it! Share the Love!
Xo Lisa & Hayleigh

How to Properly Cleanse your Skin After a Day Outdoors!

The long weekend is coming up and if you are anything like the Indigena team, you are going to be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors! We love minimalist living, so when it comes to packing your weekend getaway bag or backpack, we like to take just the essentials !Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.52.08 AM

Our number one skin tip to anyone traveling is to take our Rooibos Tea Cleanser and Sea Mineral Mist.

Indigena’s Rooibos Tea Cleanser is a natural cream based cleanser that gently cleans and moisturizes in one step!

It is paraben free, non GMO, petrochemical and fragrance free! It does not have any water – just organic aloe juice as the base so your skin will stay hydrated longer. The pH of this gorgeous textured cleanser is 4.5 to 5.5, the same as your skin. It won’t dry your skin and it will absorb quickly.

How to care for your face while traveling
Splash tepid water on your skin to prepare skin for your cleanser, pump a dime sized amount of cleanser in your palm and dab on the tips of all fingers. Place your hands on our chin and forehead lightly placing product there; then do the same on your cheeks, massage into the skin for a minute, and make sure to massage your neck lightly.  Don’t forget your ears!

Splash more water on the skin and dab dry with a wash cloth. Wipe all excess product off, then pat dry with a wash cloth.  Voila! You are ready for some moisturizer.

10540915_10152727830453054_155334481803597388_nNext grab your Sea Mineral Mist. Liquid moisture is the quickest, most effective way to hydrate without heaviness. Spritz onto the skin from about 12-15 inches away and pat into the skin with the tips of your fingers. This naturally derived product can be used as a primer or refresher throughout the day. It can also be used post workout to re-hydrate the skin. It is an effective moisturizer for all skin types. Sea Mineral Mist can also moisten the skin while cleansing if water is not available…We got you covered! 🙂

Xo Lisa


Sonali Ind.jpg

Tell us about yourself! 

I am a 3rd year Pharmacy student living in St. John’s. I held the title of MT Newfoundland and Labrador 2014 where I first learned about Indigena and was quite impressed!

What’s in your Indigena Stash?

I use the Aurora Travel Kit that includes Smooch Lip Balm, Rooibos Tea Cleanser, Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, Sea Veggie Face Masque and the Labrador Tea Crème. I also carry the Land & Sea Healing Mist, and the Multi Purpose Moisturizer in my purse!

What do you like about these products?

The Travel Kit comes in a conveniently sized case which makes it perfect to keep all the products in one place. The lip balm prevents my lips from becoming scaly during the winter and is not strongly scented-a plus point for me! The blueberry sugar scrub definitely makes the face smooth immediately after using it without being harsh on my sensitive skin. On days my face feels oily, the sea veggie masque, a well textured paste, leaves my face and pores feeling tight and lifted! The mist toner is light and smells beautiful. Nothing has caused breakouts for me!

What does your daily beauty routine entail?

I start off by washing my face with warm water and using the Rooibos tea cleanser then patting my face dry. Every 3 days I will use the blueberry sugar scrub. Before applying my makeup, I use the multi-purpose moisturizer which helps prevent flaking during the day. I finish off by spraying the Land and Sea Healing Mist to keep my makeup looking fresh! At bedtime, I put on the lip balm.

Does your beauty routine vary season to season?

In the winter, I tend to use more moisturizers and in the summer I lean towards mists and less layering of cream. But I use all these products year long!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.04.51 AM.png
Do you have a star product you can’t live without?

The blueberry sugar scrub! My skin feels smoother with fast results.

What is your desert island product you cannot live without?

The Land & Sea Healing Mist! I am a daily makeup wearer and it can be difficult to maintain fresh skin during the day. This has been a great recent find!

If you’d like to be featured in this series send an email to
xo Hayleigh



The beautiful Britney works at Ever After Bridal Studio and works closely with the Indigena Team to make sure they have a full stock all the time. Once Britney tried the products she was hooked..Read what she had to say below!12800322_10153479745103157_9043002120663509389_n

Tell us about yourself!
Im a bridal stylist at Ever After Bridal Boutique! I have a pet pig named Sadie and a wonderful husband. We live in beautiful CBS! (follow @sadiethepig on instagram)

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.56.43 PM.png

What’s in your Indigena Stash?
My stash includes, bikini babe butter, blueberry bliss sugar scrub, bikini babe bath
, sea berry soap, sea veggie facial lotion, rooibos tea cleanser, Labrador tea night creme, sea veggie face masque, blueberry bliss face masque, land & sea healing mist, FullSizeRenderbotanical bliss facial serum,
partridgeberry lip balm and blissful lip balm. (I’m kinda addicted)

What do you like about these products?
The fact that I know there are no chemicals going on my face or into my body, that is one big factor. I love that it’s locally made here in Newfoundland. Ever since I started using Indigena my acne has improved so much and my oily skin is finally gone!

What does your daily beauty routine entail?
I start my day by washing my face with lukewarm water and doing a small roobios tea cleanse, then I moisturize for the day with my sea veggie facial lotion. The real magic happens when I do my bedtime routine. I start again with my rooibos tea cleanser (the best thing I’ve found for removing my makeup) then about twice a week I do a blueberry bliss face scrub! After I remove my makeup I use my botanical bliss serum and then to moisturize for the night I use Labrador tea night cream!!

I also love taking baths, so that’s when I soak in my bikini babe crystals! My skin is so soft when I get out! It’s the best.

 Does your beauty routine vary season to season?
Not really. I just have to moisturize more in the winter!

 Do you have a star product you can’t live without?
My whole stash!! Ha-ha but my top things would have to be both my partridgeberry and blissful lip balms. I also love my rooibos cleanser and Labrador night cream!Partridgeberry Lipbalm_edit 2

 What is your desert island product you cannot live without?
I would have to say my Labrador night cream! It’s the most amazing product. It’s like putting a fresh field of flowers on your face!!



If you want to be featured on the blog just answer these questions and send them in an email to Don’t forget pictures (one of you and some of the products).

XO Hayleigh


Natural Lip Care Tips

Partridgeberry Lipbalm_edit 2.jpgThis is the time of year that our skin needs more hydration. The change of seasons is behind us and now the dryness in the air robs moisture from our skin. Your lips are most prone to dryness and chapping.

Here is Indigena’s routine for moisturizing your lips from maximum hydration.

  1. Use a sugar lip scrub a few times a week. Blueberry Bliss is our cult product but my go to as my skin is needing more brightening is Bakeapple Bliss
  2. Liberally apply lip balm at night, keep a balm by your bedside table and use nightly. This repairs and nourishes your lips while you sleep.
  3. Apply your skincare moisturizer over your lips as well. Our ingredients are food grade so no worries if you lick your lips. My favourite is Labrador Tea Night Creme.
  4. Our oil serums work wonders on the lips too. dab a little on your lips before adding lip balm in the morning.

Check us out at:

Xo Lisa